The bread and butter of any business-to-consumer website is eCommerce. Customers can get direct access to your products and services in a way they never have before. Integrating shopping carts, coupons, and a whole host of shipping, payment and accounting capabilities, Asterisk can build an eStore from scratch. What ever your requirements may dictate, Asterisk will work with you to have an eCommerce site in no time.

eCommerce Examples

A fully-featured web store, customers can purchase quality meditation benches right from the source. This eStore, coded entirely by hand, dynamically processes totals, tax, and shipping cost, giving the customer instant updates to their order.

Additionally, each product page features a simple form so customers can begin their transaction right away.  The selected products automatically appear in their shopping cart at checkout.

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Other samples available upon request.

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Every web site needs a place to call home and Asterisk Hosting Services provides 5-star accommodations for a 2-star price. Combining website, email, and e-commerce hosting with analytics, database and spam software, you can make your website work for you.

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You probably have a site, but you probably haven't touched it for a while. That's alright. I understand. Asterisk can set up a schedule to make sure your site is as up-to-date as your business is.

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