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Athena and Associates

Athena and Associates are Board Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professionals with over 20 years experience in micropigmentation (also known as permanent make-up). The site, foolingmothernature.com, was designed to showcase their exceptional work in an open, clean and professional manner. The website design has also been used in several print campaigns as well and will serve as the template for future marketing ventures.

Showcasing both male and female clients, the site's main goal was to replace the print portfolio. Secondly, the site sought to provide information on what cosmetic tattooing involves as well as what the long-term benefits are.  

Portfolio Page

We strove to make the site as clean, open and inviting as possible. Thus, with the use of large graphics, we created a feeling of trust and comfort with potential clients that could see that not only the details were important, but the whole picture.

Services Page

A list of all of the services Athena provides for her clients. This is a good example of balance between images and text. While the image helps support the text, it does not overpower the page so that the copy becomes uneccessary.

For Men Page

Surprisingly enough, many of Athena's clients are men. Thus we decided to add a section tailored for men so that they could understand how Athena could indeed help them achieve a more youthful appearance.

Print Ad for Alopecia Publication

This is an ad targeted for persons with Alopecia. With the simple process of eyebrow and eyelash simulation, the client transforms their appearance from imperfect to impressive.

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